Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Program

Jamie Eason, as I have mentioned in my last post, is one of my fit inspirations. Not only because she has THE perfect body that she built and created herself, but because she is also a cancer survivor and a true person at heart. Jamie's LiveFit program that she created almost two years ago is her personal routine for getting toned and leaning up. The great thing about it is that its actually for men and women, and it includes a grocery shopping list. Its so simple that the plan tells you what to eat and what workouts to do, on what days, you name it. AND... the best part.... ITS FREE!
So there's no excuse not to do it. 
Ive been at it for almost a month now and I have noticed HUGE changes. The program consists of 3 phases, each about 30 days long, so the program itself only lasts 3 months.

To view the program in full, click HERE

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