Monday, May 13, 2013

"I'm Working Out But Im Gaining Weight???"

Ever wondered, "Well, I am working out, but I am gaining weight or staying at the same weight?" This is the most common question I receive, along with people wondering why they haven't seen any results in a short period of time.

Skinny Fat vs Buff and Toned

As you all should know by now or have heard, muscle weighs more than fat. Its very very true. When you workout, you are striking those muscles into action to immediately start digesting those fat stores! Isnt that awesome?? But unfortunately to some, with that comes a higher number on the scale. These days, diet fads and the media teach us that the lower the number on the scale, the better. This is not necessarily true at all. While it is important to have a healthy BMI, if you are trying to gain muscle or get toned then please stay away from the scales because what you may see might alarm you and discourage you. The number rising simply means that you are creating new muscles to take the place of the fat. See the diagram below. 

See what I mean?

When I lost 45lbs, I did not workout-I did it through diet alone so the weight fell off. However, I was not buff, I was just skinny and cut. If you want muscle than your goal is going to be completely different. You WILL have to eat MORE. The number on the scale will go UP. I have been in the gym for about a month now lifting weights and the number on the scale is going up-however, I am very toned, lean, and cut as I have ever been-NOTHING JIGGLES. At first this was frightening to me! I told my husband, a nutritionist, that it bothered me since my previous mindset had been, the lower the better. But he did reassure me that when you have more muscle than fat, you will certainly gain. After all, thats what "gaining" is all about right?

I doubt Jennifer Nicole Lee cares about the number on her scale.
She weighs 130lbs and has no desire to go lower.

So please dont worry about what the scale says. I know its going to freak you out at first but KEEP GOING!!! 

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