Friday, May 10, 2013

Upper Body Training. My Befores.

I have never ever ever thought I would want to bodybuild, much less build my arms! All my life, all I focused on was SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY. But now, all I can think about is STRONG STRONG STRONG. Strong is sexy, skinny is not-took me a while to realize that, especially since the media loves to tell us women otherwise. I started on my arms this past week and they are so sore, like they've never been, but its a good sore. A sore as if something were accomplished! Im taking the arms slow, however, and I am still pushing my lower body harder because thats my prime target area (jiggly thighs). I would like to build all over, but building is a slow process. Here are some before pics of my arms/back.

My husband is joining in on this transformation with me, but since he had surgery one month ago, he cannot do much lifting with his arms at the moment. We took whole body photos (which we wont share till we share our AFTERS! ha!)

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