Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work Out With Your Husband!

We all know exercise is good for our bodies. But did you ever consider how good it could be for your relationship? You can tighten your abs and your marital bond at the very same time. That’s one-stop shopping at its best.
Exercise actually flushes the stress hormone, cortisol, from the body. So the next time your spouse makes you angry, don’t scream. Walk it off — literally!
Moving your body may calm you down and allow you time to think of the situation from your partner’s perspective. (Or it may just give you more time to brood, but it’s worth a shot.)In addition to making you both feel better about your bodies and therefore possibly loosening some inhibitions, working out actually has a chemical effect on your sexual desire. Exercising the large muscle groups increases testosterone production in both men and women, which then increases libido.In fact, couples can do specific exercises couples to improve blood flow below the waist, such as lunges, squats and pelvic tilts, which may then improve sexual performance. Improved sexual performance also burns more calories.
But for those looking for a workout that can take place outside of the home, the options are virtually limitless. The key is to find something you both love that’s in keeping with your dynamic as a couple.
One possible downside of exercising together could be if one partner becomes a little too enamored of his or her own physique. It could be unhealthy for the relationship if that person becomes too obsessed or if the other partner begins to feel inferior as a result. “Virtue is in the middle — you don’t ever want to overdo it.”
No one really needs a relationship expert to explain that rubbing your physical superiority in your spouse’s face is not wise. At least, not if you prefer your bed to the living room couch.
Instead, it’s important to be your spouse’s cheerleader when he needs a little encouragement to get up and get going. That’s where having a partner really comes in handy. Being accountable to someone else can be a huge motivator.

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