Thursday, January 23, 2014

12 Days Left to Go!

UPDATE: My husband and I went for a little check up yesterday and learned that I am 1cm (barely lol) dilated. Our son is doing well and tried kicking the monitors off of my belly quite a few times! I cannot believe this pregnancy is almost over; I feel like I just announced it yesterday! He is still pretty high and has not dropped very much at all. We think he likes it in there and does not want to vacate! Haha. I thought my water had broken yesterday while I was running on the treadmill, but it turns out, our son is a prime soccer player because he likes to kick mom's bladder around! Ah! The joys of pregnancy.

Though, we are 12 days away from our due date, I would like for him to come on his own. I do not want to be induced. I am hoping for a 100% natural drug free labor and birth. Yes, no epidural or IV meds. No c-section. I realize things sometimes do not always go according to plan, but I am so happy to have my great husband by my side.

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