Sunday, January 12, 2014

Will Be Needing This!

For my pregnant ladies, here is a quick after labor/postpartum recovery kit to look to when getting ready for birth. You will need LOTS of TLC after your baby arrives so please do not neglect yourself!
Take care of you!

After Labor Recovery Kit


  1. I didn't use stole softener, it made my poo "sticky". So I went to the baby aisle at the grocery store and grabbed a small bottle of "apple prune juice". MUCH better!

    As for washing and wiping...the hospital gave me a water bottle with one of those pop tops (that you have to pull up to open/push down to close). I used that with water as hot as I could stand every time I was in the shower or had to use the bathroom. I used it for months (post baby periods are MONSTERS!! FYI!) and kept it in my bathroom closet just in case it is needed. It works wonders.

    Also, Tuck's Pads helps to sooth a sore bottom as well. I was pretty bruised and swollen...I was told...I didn't dare look. Didn't want to know or see haha. I took the nurse's word for it and left it at that.

  2. I had a c-section and was also going to recommend using the squirt bottle they gave to wash yourself when you use the restroom. I could not bend at the waist for a couple weeks so wiping with anything was not possible. The squirt bottle was perfect. Also, the hospital will have special netted underwear that you can use and I suggest getting extras to take home (they will give it to you if you ask) because you will ruin any other panties you have otherwise from any residual bleeding from the c-section if you have one. Besides they were easy to put on and off and were really soft.

  3. Sorry if this appears twice...

    I was also going to recommend the squirt bottle that is given to you at the hospital. I personally had a c-section and could not bend at the waist for several weeks, so wiping was out of the question. Also, I would recommend getting extra pairs of the undies the hospital will give you. All you need to do is ask for extras to take home and they will give them to you. The previous poster is right, you will bleed for several weeks and if you use your own panties you are most likely gonna ruin a few pairs. The hospital ones are soft and stretchy and are super easy to remove (you just tear down the sides). They will also give you a package of pads if you ask.


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