Friday, January 3, 2014

My Secret Weapon for Hair Growth!

If you have never heard of this stuff, be prepared to be amazed. Biotin is a vitamin that makes your hair grow incredibly faster. Biotin is mainly needed for protein synthesis and fatty acid production-this is why its so vital to your hair, skin, & nails. Back in the day, when I worked at GNC, we sold this stuff and I had a customer swear by it. So, I gave it a try myself!

Lo and behold, my hair grew and grew.. and grew! But not only did it grow faster, it was more lush and shiner than ever. The health was restored to my broken ends! I also noticed that my nails grew lots and chipped less. Biotin is pretty affordable at around $7 per bottle and you can find it anywhere. 

It is certainly worth a try!


  1. Oh I've just literally ordered a bottle yesterday! Fed up with my nails breaking as soon as they get long. :(


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