Monday, January 6, 2014

Ditch The Scale!

Why muscle weighs more than fat.

I do not understand why this is, but as women we tend to obsesses over numbers!
What are numbers?
Just that: numbers.

As we all know by now, muscles in fact does weigh more than fat. This is comforting to know. 
Before I got pregnant, my weight was not at the 105lbs that it was when I had lost 50lbs. I was left skinny without any tone after my 50lb weightloss so I decided to start weight training. Once I started lifting weights, I gained weight and the number on the scale went UP! At first, I freaked out.
I was so happy with the number accomplishment. 150 to 105lbs-WOW! Who wouldn't be happy?
But, as time went on, I realized I had no butt, no muscles, and I was certainly not strong-all goals I desperately wanted.

I know it is hard to get away from placing a number goal on your weight. Trust me, I have been there. But as you can see above, number does not mean anything when you goal is to be fit and healthy!

Throw the scale out.
Love your body.
Lift hard.
Eat clean.


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