Sunday, January 5, 2014

Good (Clean) Morning!

Starting my morning off clean  Here are the 3 detox vitamin waters I made last night. The first one is pineapple & kiwi, second is lemon zest, and the third is apple cinnamon & clove! 

I also made a bowl of my clean apple cinnamon & pecan oatmeal with my banana but flavored coffee. I plan to make my last month of pregnancy a clean and healthy one to the max! I need all the strength and good health I can get for a wonderful delivery.

 Locking down on nutrition for the last 4 weeks of pregnancy! All meals will be 100% clean, no cheat meals or cheat snacks. Things are about to get their heaviest and the days are winding down! Workouts will continue 3 times a week.

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