Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Date Night Before Baby

Last night, my husband and I bought tickets to see one of our favorite comedians-Ralphie May-live in our local town. Since it was most likely our last date night before our little fellow arrives (due date is MONDAY!), we wanted to go all out! 

I purchased the tickets and thought I would "tweet" to Ralphie that I was coming to see him and that he better make me laugh myself into labor!

And to my surprise....


The night was so great. We went to dinner to eat sushi (our favorite) and then headed to the Ralphie May show. I had not laughed so hard in my life! This guy was so funny. We are used to watching his  stand up comedy shows on tv & comedy central, but wow was he great live! We sat in the front and center! 

He did call us out during the show! He told my husband to say goodbye to my boobs for a while after the baby was born. So funny. My big ole belly was obvious, but the fact he remembered my tweet and who I was from earlier-I was so excited and surprised!

Afterwards, we got to meet him and snap a photo. He was such a nice guy! He even gave me a kiss on the cheek and told my husband "Your wife's boobs are the bomb." LOL. Ahhh.. too funny! He told me to tweet to him and keep him updated on the upcoming birth of our baby-which meant a lot! Most comedians (or famous people in general) are not so personable. This guy was like a friend to us.

It was such a great night and one we needed! I even got one last chance to "doll up" during my pregnancy. I laughed so hard during the show that my son had :dropped" significantly into place!

We look forward to this new chapter starting within the next few days. We have a doctor appointment today to find out what the progress is, but we already know, he is making his way to us.
We are blessed.

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