Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivational Monday: "The World's Ugliest Woman"

Good morning ladies!

I have a very special Motivational Monday to share with you.
People have dubbed her as the "world's ugliest woman." But, from what you will learn, Lizzie Velasquez is far from ugly.

Meet Lizzie! 
She is just like any other woman that you would interact with.
She's 24 years old. Very witty and quite charming.
However, there's one difference: 
Lizzie suffers from a rare disorder-Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome- which causes accelerated aging and prevents her body from ever storing any fat. The result?
A very different appearance than one could imagine.

At 58lbs, this young woman has eat as much as 60 times a day just to sustain her life. Can you imagine? But that's not the hard part.

In high school, Lizzie found an 8 second YouTube video with nothing but a picture of her face titled "The World's Ugliest Woman." The video got millions of hits and the unidentified user refused to take it down. Of the comments listed, one user suggested that she put a gun to her head and kill herself. She officially became a victim of cyber bullying and instantly got worldwide attention-for being ugly.

Now, I am no stranger to cyber bullying. I have been called ugly as well. Did it hurt? For a second, maybe. But can you imagine millions of people labeling you this way? What would you do? It's so easy for someone to sit behind a keyboard and to spew words of hate to make themselves feel better.

Instead of fighting hate with hate or giving up on life, Lizzie used that hatred and channeled into something so positive! She became an author and motivational speaker and she refused to let what others say diminish the quality of her life.

Are you upset over haters?
Turn that hate into motivation. Or something even much better:

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  1. Such a beautiful woman! It takes.courage to be that strong. Amazing story :)


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