Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Will Miss You, "Bump"

Holy cow.
38 weeks and 1 day along today. 
Having lots and lots of mixed emotions.

My husband and I are so thrilled to have our son here soon. But at the same time, I will miss feeling him kick, hiccup, move, wakeup and sleep inside the womb. Knowing that this will be the closest to my heart he will ever be brings tears to my eyes. I would not trade this belly for anything in the world-except to meet my son face to face. Ever since we tried and prayed for this baby, we have been so excited seeing him/me grow day to day. From the time we got the positive blood test to finding out he was a boy, to seeing his face for the first time on 4D, our hearts have swooned for him.

My body has changed in ways I never even dreamed it would. Some days I feel as big as a house yet others I feel as if I have never been more beautiful in my whole entire life. This body-a woman's body-is so strong, beautiful, supportive, powerful. Think about it. It endures so much.

And now, in just 13 short days or so, he will be in our arms.
I feel the journey went by too fast. Then again, I feel so ready.
It's so mixed.

Being a new mom does not frighten me. I know it will be a challenge. This is a new chapter in my life and my husband's life. This changes everything we ever thought we knew.

We love you, Greyson. More than anything we ever thought we could. We cannot wait to meet you. 



  1. so sweet! Can't wait to see the pics you post of him and follow along as he grows!

  2. You are so beautiful, Sia! You will be a great mother and I am excited for you!! Your emotions are so validated :)


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