Saturday, January 4, 2014

Introducing The Plus Sized Barbie

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I saw this on this morning and I was little shocked. 
Should companies produce a plus sized Barbie?
Traditionally, it is not what we see in a "Barbie."
Barbie, is after all, perfect.

I personally am for neither Barbie.
 While the plus size promotes obesity, the traditional Barbie as we know it, promotes perfection. We all know that perfection does not exist and will not ever exist. It gives young girls the wrong idea: size 0 waist, big breasts, perfect butt, straight teeth, dazzling blue eyes, and glitzy hair. 
The plus size Barbie is rounder at the waist by far, double chin, and multiple enlarged features. She is not a good example either. I am not sure if this Barbie would tell young girls that its "ok" to be obese or that it is "ok" to not be perfect. 

Here is my idea of the right/realistic Barbie (see right):

Lets face it.
We cant all be 5'10", size 00, and bleached blonde.
However, we should not be obese & unhealthy in that aspect either.


  1. original barbie is better than promoting obesity imo

  2. Let's not promote unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. She looks like an adult version of Honey Boo Boo


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