Friday, January 17, 2014

DemonBells Kettlebell Review

Hi ladies! 

Today, I had the chance to collaborate with my HUSBAND on a review which was a blast. We reviewed an awesome company called DemonBells, a line of unique kettlebells & fitness apparel for men & women. DemonBells was founded by Ryan Williams, a former Navy Seal aka badass. The molds for his kettlebell are 100% original and are based out of San Diego, California.

DemonBells provides two different lines of kettlebells:
The Performance Line: The main line of kettlebells with ergonomic features that reduces forearm impact forces.
The Art Line: Kettlebells with "faces." Very unique; unlike ANY other kettlebell I have seen before. Provides the same ergonomic features as the performance line.

The kettlebell in particular that we had fun with is one aimed at women in particular and it is called the SugarSkull "Demonbelle". This is the cute skull shaped kettlebell that you may have seen floating around Pinterest (that's where I first caught sight of this amazing creation.. and then I fell in love and HAD TO HAVE IT). The reason for the design, according to their site, is that "in many cultures around the world, skulls represent a person who has passed away or have deeper implications symbolizing power, strength through adversity, cheating death, or a life of the past irreversibly changed." The skull is a symbol of life and rebirth. Pretty rad, right?

We tried the 26lb version and like the Performance Line that DemonBells has to offer, the kettlebell is shaped and formed with the ergonomic features to:

*reduce fatigue
*reduce likelihood of injury during strenuous workouts
*reduces impact forces on your forearms by 90% (wow!)
*reduces risk of losing balance
*more comfort during your workout overall

If you take a look at the kettlebell's shape, you can see that it is not formed like any other kettlebell since most have the "O" shaped handle, which does not make any sense in my opinion because it is harder to grab that way. Ryan, the founder, knew what he was doing when he created this design and I tell you what, I loved every minute of using this-and so did my husband.                                          
And to answer the question that I know you are already going to ask:
*I am almost 38 weeks pregnant.
*Yes, I have been cleared to lift weights while pregnant.

Though being a bit girly, my husband states he loved the handle because it allowed him to get a better grip. He adores the "Daimon" and the "The Big Boi" versions; a couple of the manlier demon designs that DemonBells has to offer. I gotta admit, it's pretty sick and something you ladies should consider for the man in your life-especially if he loves working out as much as you do!

Overall, I was very impressed with this line of Kettlebells. Everything about it makes me never want to go back to a "regular" or "O" shaped kettlebell again. 

To learn more about DemonBells or to view their lines, visit:

Wanna see how they are made??? Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: I was given a Sugar Skull "Demonbelle" to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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