Sunday, October 19, 2014

10 Days to 100 Crunches Challenge

Got ten days to blast your abs with crunches? We are challenging you to do 100 crunches by the end of 10 days-and see a difference! On top of that, you would have done a total of 550 crunches within those 10 days!

**Please note: These do NOT have to be done at one sitting. You can break them up and do them throughout the day-from the time you wakeup till the time you go to bed**

How to do crunches:
  • Lie on your back on the floor. Using a mat or carpeted surface is more comfortable, but make sure it doesn’t have too much cushioning.
  • Bend your knees. Your feet can be flat on the floor, or you can keep them suspended in the air during your crunches for a little extra crunch.
  • Cross your arms in front of your chest. You can also place your hands behind your neck or head, but many people tend to pull their head or neck up during the exercise, which can place extra strain on the spine. Your head and neck should be resting on your hands.
  • Lift your shoulders towards the ceiling using your abdominal muscles and pause at the peak.[1] It is very important not to lift your entire back off the floor, as this can cause back strain, and the extended movement does not help you develop six pack abs any faster. When your shoulders are off the ground, pause and hold that position for a full second (or more).
  • Ease back down slowly as you inhale. Don’t just “plop” back down. Your control on the way down works your ab muscles as well.
10 Days to 100 Crunches Challenge
Day 1: 10 Crunches
Day 2: 20 Crunches
Day 3: 30 Crunches
Day 4: 40 Crunches
Day 5: 50 Crunches
Day 6: 60 Crunches
Day 7: 70 Crunches
Day 8: 80 Crunches
Day 9: 90 Crunches
Day 10: 100 Crunches

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