Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Ways to Prevent a Hangover


They say that one one drink per day can lead to healthier aging and could be beneficial for your health. Though, for special occasions, sometimes we tend to take it a little too overboard (ie: New Years Eve, Christmas Dinner, or even your birthday)!

So, not what? You drank a little more than you were planning on and now you have to deal with the dreaded and ever so painful hangover. But, what if you could avoid the hangover altogether?


Here are a few tips that might help your morning become a brighter one:
  1. EAT before your drink! Drinking on an empty stomach will only get you drunker, faster-resulting in a hangover from hell. Do yourself a huge favor and load up on foods high in zinc, which will help you detoxifiy the alcohol later on. Carbs also have been known to help by absorping some of the ickyness.
  2. Take an ibuprofen. As a prophylactic measure, you can always take an ibuprofen (if you are not allergic or sensitive). Stay away from Aspirin as it can irritate your stomach. Also, avoid Tylenol as it can be rough on your already taxed liver.
  3. Drink smarter. When in doubt, go for clear alcohols such as vodka or gin. Brown liquors and rose/red wines contain congeners which give those drinks their flavor and also your stabbing headache later on.
  4. H20. Pair each drink with a glass of equal volume of water. Hangovers are fueled by the dehydration that liquor causes since it is a diuretic. A big tip? Order your drink on the rocks.
  5. Know the percentages. Choose a drink with an overall lower alcoholic percentage-especially if you plan on having more than a couple. If you choose 2 or 3 drinks with a higher alcoholic content percentage, then you might be saying good night a little earlier than you had planned.
  6. Snack through the night! Keeping your tummy filled throughout the night will keep the alcoholic absorption rate rolling. Aim for healthy fats and fructose to help you metabolize it faster
What are some of your favorite tried & true tips for preventing a hangover?

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