Sunday, October 26, 2014

Organic India Sampling + GIVEAWAY

OI reuseable tote - So, I am all for recycling as you might already know. I absolutely adored this reusable tote, made from recycled bottles. I often take it to the grocery store when I am buying produce! I did not think it would end up being so hefty, but it has lasted a few trips and is still going!

Bottle of Ghee - Ok. I am not gonna lie. I had no idea what "ghee" was until I received this package. But know that I have tasted it, I can't go back to regular butter! This 100% organic clarified butter features a high smoking point making it a perfect cooking companion-I loved sauteeing my veggies in a tbsp. of this stuff. It also helps to supports a healthy pregnancy!

Organic Chyawanprash- This 100% organic herbal jam (known as the "elixir of life" in India) is packed with 36 traditional Indian herbs + vitamin C, aiding in digestion, metabolism, memory and even skin complexion-all organic, of course! It has a sweet yet sour taste to it and is generally used as a health tonic. You can take it directly or spread it onto a slice of bread. I have been taking two tbsp. per day.

Turmeric Formula- This orange spice supports inflammation, digestion, joints and radiant skin. I actually gave this to my husband to use since he has shoulder joint issues. He said the smell and taste of the capsules are strong, but he can certainly tell a difference in how effective it has been for his joints. Turmeric is also a popular cooking herb!

Original Tulsi Tea- Caffeine-free herbal tea featuring the sacred Indian herb, Tulsi. Tulsi, known as Holy Basil, is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it adapts to what the body needs - from less stress to more energy. I have noticed a huge increase in my energy which is super important since I have a business to run, a baby to raise, a husband to cater to, and a household to keep clean! 

ORGANIC INDIA, premium herbal teas + supplements, works with marginalized farmers in India, providing sustainable farming, education and healthcare for local women, widows, families and farmers. I loved receiving this little care package and trying out some of the traditional Indian supplements.

Now, here is a chance to win your own Organic India gift package! Enter via the rafflecopter below:

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