Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Rules of Regifting This Holiday


Have you ever regifted a present that someone else gave to you for another occasion? Ok. I am guilty. I totally have. I believe we have all gotten that one gift that made us cringe and, unfortunately, we were unable to return the damn thing. So, regifting became an option. But don't worry-it does not mean that you are a cheap ass. Think of it as being resourceful!

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Here are 5 rules that you should always follow when it comes to regifting for the holidays:

1. The item must be unopened and practically new. Don't even think about regifting an old or used item or you will definitely look like a cheap ass.  If you are giving away a gift that you have received, for free, please make sure it is new!

2. Be sure that the person who's gift that you are regifting does not know the person who you are regifting to. This would definitely be just like the Seinfield episode. You know, the one where Jerry gets Super Bowl tickets, but cant use them because of obligations to attend a friend's wedding. He then gives them to Tim Whatley and gets a label maker in return. Elaine is convinced that the label maker is the exact same one that she gave him a week before. Jerry then accuses Whatley of "re-gifting" the label maker. And that is where the term "regifting" pretty much started. If you are going to regift something, then please make sure the two people do not know each other-or better yet, will never ever meet.

3. Don't regift meaningful or homemade items. If Aunt Betty made it for you, don't regift it. Sure, the sweater she knitted might be ugly as hell, but just save it for your next tacky sweater party and just make the best of it. And don't forget to send her pictures! It will make her day.

4. Take the time to rewrap it. If you aren't going to spend any money on buying a gift, then you can at least dazzle it up and make it look even more appealing than it actually may be. Take a big bow and some holographic gift wrapping paper and go to town!

5. Do not forget the name tag! You wouldn't believe how many people forget the name tag... or give the gift away in the same bag that was given to you-with your name on it. Buy a damn label.

Have YOU ever regifted?
What did you regift?

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