Sunday, October 26, 2014

7 Facebook Friends to "Unfriend" Immediately

We all have those friends on our Facebook list whom annoy the crap out of us to the point where we have often wondered why we have not hit the unfriend button already. Maybe a specific name even pops into your head! Well, today is the day to cleanse your Facebook list and rid the following people once and for all.

Here are 7 Facebook Friends to "Unfriend" Immediately:

1. The Debbie Downer: The Debbie Downer is totally easy to spot. They are the ones who are always posting about how bad their life sucks or simply when bad shit happens. But, they do not give you the full story-instead they want sympathy comments or replies to make themselves feel cared about. Debbie Downers also like to comment and when they do, it is always negative.


2. The Game Inviter: This friend loves to bug the shit out of your with loads of Farmville and other game requests that, quite frankly, you don't give two shits about. And the worst part of all? They won't stop.


3. The Creeper: The creeper is the person who sends you a friend request, but never likes , comments, or shares anything that you posts, much less sends you a message or chats with you. This person added you for one reason and one reason only: to creep. They have no interest in any interaction with you, but to simply know what exactly is going on in your life.


4. The Forgotten: This person's name pops up in your newsfeed and you can't for the life of you remember who the hell this person is. Maybe you met them in a drunken haze at the local yacht club? Maybe they were a one night stand? Maybe Jamie is now a James? Whatever the reason for your Facebook friendship may be, the point is that you do not remember, so why keep them?


5. The Diary Keeper: This is the person who constantly confuses their page for their diary. They have to let everyone know each and every time they take a shit, go to the gym, eat a pizza, drink a beer, walk their dog, go shopping at the mall, go on vacation, etc. You get a play by play of their whole entire lives without skipping a beat. They must also "check in" everywhere that they go. 

6. The Ex: No. Just delete. NOW!


7. The Drama Queen/King: This person likes to share a little too much information. It may have to do with family woes or a cheating spouse. Basically, they want attention whether it is negative or positive. These people also want you to feel sorry for them by broadcasting super dramatic statuses to catch your eye.

Do you have any of these friends on your Facebook?

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