Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Newest Sleep MUST HAVE!

My son sleeps like a champ... but that has not always been the case.

At 3 months of age, the Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit started saving our LIVES. My son slept in it every single night and it startled his infant reflexes. 

Now, that he has outgrown this magical suit, we were trying to figure out what we were going to do to help make the transition, from being snuggled into this suit to just using a blanket, easier.

Well, thanks to my dear blogger friend Ruthie Hart, I have found the perfect and safe solution for all of you mamas out there with babies who just love to be snuggled up!

I want to introduce you ladies to my new MUST have when it comes to my son's sleeping. I had the chance to test out a very smart product called the Gunapod wearable blanket-yup, you guessed it! It is a blanket that your baby wears to sleep in.

Solid Plush Gunapod wearable blanket
We were given the Charcoal grey blanket with the plush material to test. This blanket comes in two other fabrics to choose from: Bamboo/Cotton (this material is lighter and perfect for spring or summer nights) and the Cotton Print (if you are wanting a cutesy design). 

The ulrtasoft plush wearable blanket is perfect for the upcoming cold winter months ahead so we were happy to receive it!

Here is a little info regarding this awesome blanket:
  • It comes in 3 different sizes: Small (0-9 months), Medium (9-18 months), and Large (18-24 months)
  • Each and every Gunapod is individually made
  • Received exceeding standards from the American Academy of Pediatrics and has won a ton of different awards including the 2014 Family Choice Award and Best New Product Award
  • Features 4 all around zippers for easy diaper changing and temperature zone control.
  • Features shoulder snaps that allow complete front off for unique, trouble-free fit
  • Features a central zip and single snap to fasten the collar for comfort.

Here is a video below to help give you a better look into the Gunapod wearable blanket:

My son's first night in the Gunapod wearable blanket was a success! 

He slept like a rock and so did mommy & daddy. I think he actually woke up less than before while he slept in the Merlin's Sleep Suit. He was able to lay on his side (which I think he likes), while still feeling bundled up in a cozy little sack.

The bottom zipper made it super easy to change our son in the middle of the night-without waking him up even! I love the fact that his arms were not covered so I knew that my son was not getting too hot despite the warm, plush fabric. Basically, this is like a mini sleeping bag that allows your arms to be free! So your baby is still snug, but they can move if needed.

Overall, I am so ecstatic to have this product in our home! The owner, Joy, is.. well.. a JOY! She is the creator of this awesome blanket and she is so pleasant to talk to. If you have any questions, just email her at

Be sure to also follow them on their social media pages to keep up with sales and exciting new products:

Facebook page
Twitter page
Pinterest page
YouTube Channel

Disclaimer: I was given a Gunapod wearable blanket, to test at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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