Monday, February 10, 2014

3 At Home Workouts to Do With Baby

Hi Ladies!

I recently became a new mommy last week and I have never been happier! I had been active throughout my entire pregnancy and it has paid off, but I had wondered how it would go as soon as my son was born. During the last several days, I can certainly see how most moms do not have time for fitness-or to even make it to the gym for that matter! From dirty diapers to late night feedings, it can certainly get hard to leave home. But, why not combine motherhood with fitness? You can play with your baby while getting your workout in by using him or her as a weight!

The payoff? Mommy gets her workout while baby gets his or her attention!

Here are 3 simple workouts that you can do at home with your baby:

#1: Squats
Use your baby as a weight while you squat! You can either cradle your baby in your arms tightly in a swaddle or you can add an arm workout in by holding your baby outward while talking to him/her.
Squat as you normally would:
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Toes can point out a few degrees.
2.  Keep your chest up.
3. Begin the movement by shifting your hips back, not by bending your knees.
5. Make sure that as you are performing the movement, you push your knees out—they should track over your second or third toe.
6. You should try to keep your spine tall with no forward flexion.
7. Your heels should remain on the floor for the entire move.
8. How you hold your baby is up to you! Hold your baby tightly swaddled in your arms or outward in front of you.

#2: Lunges
While doing lunges, you can hold your baby in your arms in a cradle position tightly. Be sure to switch arms when you switch legs.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder's width apart, spine long & straight, shoulders back, gaze forward.
2. Step forward with one leg into a wide stance while maintaining spine alignment.
3. Lower your hips until both knees are bent approximately at a 90 degree angle. Keep your weight in your heels as you push back up to starting position. Repeat.

#3: Crunch Sit Ups
These are my favorite! Its a killer ab workout with a sweet added bonus-a kiss every time you come upward! What a great reward!
1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart.
2. Instead of placing your hands behind your head as you would in a normal sit up, hold onto your baby with a firm grip in front of you, allowing baby to rest his/her bottom on your thighs.
3. Slowly curve upward as you would with  a normal sit-up until you reach your baby.
4. Give him or her a kiss! Repeat.

No matter which exercise you choose, you can find creative ways to add your sweetheart into the mix!

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