Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Favorite Breastfeeding Tips

I knew I wanted to breastfeed before I gave birth. 
What I never realized was that it isn't as easy as it looks! My son had some issues latching on in the beginning which lead to sore and cracked nipples that literally left me frightened before each feeding.

 I met with a lactation consultant that offered great advice and it truly gave me hope! I was on the verge of giving up and strictly pumping to a bottle, but breastfeeding is such a bonding experience and I didn't want to lose that! 

Here are some very helpful tips that have helped me cope with my breastfeeding woes:

  • Bring baby to the breast-not vice vera. Before knowing this, I would arch my back and hunch over my baby-which resulted in a poor latch and a back ache for me!
  • Wait at least 3 weeks before introducing a bottle to avoid nipple confusion.
  • Make sure baby's mouth is opened wide before latching. Too small, and he will only latch onto your nipple-ouch! To get him to latch touch your nipple to his upper lip and wait for him to open up. 
  • Make sure your areola is covered by his mouth. Sucking on the nipple does not stimulate letdown like the areola does. 
  • When attempting to latch on, hold your breast in with your hand in a U shape. This will make it easier for him!
  • To boost your milk supply, eat oats and drink lots of water! Seems like a simple tip, tried it, and its true!
  • Abuse that Lanolin cream! Use it after every feeding! It is your friend.
  • RELAX. Baby can sense your tension if you are anxious and stressed. Make sure you are comfortable before setting up to feed.
These simple tips have made my world a whole lot easier while breastfeeding!

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