Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Day Military Diet

A few of you have written me regarding the "3 Day Military Diet" and what I personally thought about it. This diet is meant to be 3 days only (hence, the title lol). It is pretty extreme and promises that you can lose up to 10lbs in 3 days, but that is how its meant to be. This diet is specifically for slimming down quickly within a short amount of time for an event. It could be for a wedding, swimsuit competition, fitness test, or to get in shape for the military-you name it! Whatever your reasoning is, please do not follow this diet for longer than it is recommended. This is not a lifestyle but a fast fix-it is more of a fast, not an actual diet.

 Do not expect the weight that you lose to stay off.
Remember, true weightloss takes time. 

Again, this is great for when you are needing to slim down and de-bloat for an event. It really does work!

However, always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise routine or diet plan.

Here is a sample of day one:

Military Diet Plan Breakfast Day 1

Military Diet Plan Day 1 Lunch

Military Diet Plan Day 1 Dinner

All 3 days can be found on the Military Diet Plan's website. 
To view the diet plan itself, click here.

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