Friday, February 21, 2014

Nora & Co. Review

Hi ladies!

Today, I am reviewing Nora & Co; a cute little company created by an expecting mother-to-be who specializes in carefully hand knitting each and every newborn hat that she sells. She also knits booties and shoes as well!

My son and I reviewed the Puppy hat that Brittney makes and it is the most adorable hat! Some knitted hats that are out there are not the best quality and at times start to unravel and fall apart. I put Nora & Co.'s hats to the test and even washed and dried them in the dryer to see just how well it would hold up.

It held up perfectly!
 It also stretches well so your baby can get several months of good use out of it. This is perfect for moms with newborns and younger infants though Nora & Co. could most likely make them for any age from how crafty she is! It is the perfect addition to family photos or as a newborn prop as well as everyday usage.

Here are a couple more of the designs that Nora & Co. offers!

Petey the Pirate Hat

But thats not all! She also makes knitted boot leggings cuffs, diaper covers, stuffed animals, blankets, & even coffee cup cozies!

Ribbed Boot Cuffs

Floppy the Bunny Gift Set

We enjoyed reviewing the puppy hat from Nora & Co.

To check out Nora & Co.'s Etsy page where you can view the other design choices and to get your knitted hat or booties made, click here.

To follow Nora & Co. on Facebook for updates, click here.

Disclaimer: I was given a Nora & Co. knit hat to test at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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