Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fit Update!

My doctor gave me the thumbs up to resume walking/light jogging if my body felt up to it after two weeks postpartum, and so I took full advantage of the opportunity today-it felt AWESOME to be moving and to get out of the house. It was also nice to get Grey a little sunshine to help kick the rest of his jaundice to the curb. Two weeks + 1 day postpartum and I am feeling fantastic. My postpartum diet will start Monday and to my surprise, my husband will be doing it with me! With my diet, I will not be calorie restricting since I am breastfeeding, but I will certainly be tailoring my caloric needs to lactation and gaining lean muscle. I am meeting with a dietitian to figure out the total amount of calories I need daily. This weekend, I will be making my healthy grocery shopping list & heading straight to the stores to prepare.

Someone was a little pooped after the walk :)
I looked over and this is how I found him.
Love my little guy!

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