Friday, February 28, 2014

Breast Pumping Tips for Extreme Milk Production

Since my milk came in, it has been coming and coming without hardly any let up!
When I talk to other women, I am very surprised to find that some women have issues producing enough milk. I get a lot of questions regarding what I do to keep the milk flowing. 

Here are my best tips regarding my pumping routine and what works for me to boost my quantity:

  • Pump OFTEN. I personally am either feeding OR pumping every TWO HOURS. I never skip a beat. Even at night. I pump 2-3 times throughout the night alternating with feeding.
  • I eat a ton of oats! Oatmeal, granola bars, you name it. Oats are known to boost lactation.
  • Get a good breast pump. The best out there and the one I use is the Medela Electric Double Pump. It pumps both breasts at once and is mighty powerful! It pulls all of the milk out, allowing my breasts to completely empty (a common issue).
  • When you pump, check out your technique. Do not forget to compress or squeeze your breasts. Sometimes the milk ducts get plugged. By squeezing your breasts, it helps to lure the milk out. 
  • Try warm compresses for 15 minutes before your pumping session. This will not only ensure lots of milk, but help the milk to flow easier and faster.
  • Massage your breasts to avoid cysts from forming.
  • Make sure your nursing bra is SUPPORTIVE. Most women wear the WRONG SIZE.
  • Use Bamboo nursing pads to protect your nips.
  • DRINK WATER!!! In order to make milk, you need H20! 
  • Eat a good diet with ENOUGH calories. 500 calories a day is what breastfeeding burns so EAT THEM BACK!
  • Use lanolin. This will act as a barrier and moisturizer for your nips!
  • Stock your milk. You never know when you might dry up.

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