Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads Review + $25 GIVEAWAY + 20% Off Coupon Code!

Hello, breastfeeding mamas!
Today, I introduce you to Bamboobies! This is a very popular company that sells the CUTEST reusable/washable breast pads to use while breastfeeding. Their nursing pads are top of the line and made of super absorbent Bamboo. They are also less visable through your t-shirt than the leading disposable breast pads-an issue I had when wearing disposables. I had the chance of reviewing the regular & overnight pads.

The regular pads are the heart shaped ones that you have probably seen floating around the internet. They are just the CUTEST! They come in a 12 pack for $39.99-not bad at all since you will be reusing them!

The overnight pads are the circular, blue ones. These run for about $29.99 for 8 pads and will guarantee that you will not leak through the night as the hemp core locks in milk!

You can also get a combo pack which includes both regular and overnight pads. 


The initial cost of Bamboobies might make you want to turn to disposables, but this is just a one time initial investment-just like cloth diapers for newborns! Take great care of them and they will last forever! Check out the price comparisons below.

You might be wondering how many you will need. It all depends on your milk flow but to be safe, Bamboobies recommends at least 2 pairs of regular pads daily and 1-2 pairs of overnight pads nightly. Upon putting the pads on, I was very happy to feel how soft they were. This convinced me to never want to buy disposables again! I wore one set of regular pads throughout the day and did NOT leak through. I tested the overnight pads and only had to go through one pair-and I leak A LOT. But, again, I did not leak through. Not only are these pads soft & cute-they do some justice.

I also had the chance to review Bamboobies sleep nursing/maternity bra!
YES! They do make nursing bras and nursing shawls!
This bra was super comfortable-I enjoyed it a lot better than my Basics by Bravado sleep bra that I bought from Target. The design in the front is also very pretty (though they make ones without the designs if you are not wanting one on there.) It held me up perfect and my Bamboobies fit perfectly inside.

**ALSO! When you buy any bra from Bamboobies, if you save the tag that comes onto the bra and mail it to the address listed on the tag, you get a FREE PAIR of Bamboobies regular pads! Cool, right?**

(Back view)

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To learn more about Bamboobies or to view their product line, visit:

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