Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guest Blogger: Tia Smith from Chic Stay At Home Mom

Hi ladies, we have a special guest on the blog today! Meet Tia Smith from The Chic Stay At Home Mom. Today, Tia will be sharing her tips for making homemade baby food. I absolutely love this topic because I plan on homemaking all of Grey's foods as well! It not only is better for baby, but very very cost effective, leaving your wallets happy! See what Tia has to say:

"A few weeks ago we introduced Baby M to the spoon. He had no problems eating and loved his cereal. Now that he's five months old it's time for me to start making and freezing baby food. When I had Savannah a friend of mine told me about making baby food. Not only does making your own food save money but it also gives you peace of mind. You know exactly what your baby is eating.
I decided to make Baby M some sweet peas for his first food experience. You can find baby food puree   recipes all over the web so I'm going to share my quick and easy process for making and storing food. Of course, you have to start by cooking your food.
Once the peas were done I put them in my blender. I never bought one of those baby food making gadgets because I already had a blender with a puree button. Call me cheap but I prefer low maintenance. I just don't see the point in buying an additional appliance when you already have something that does that same job.
See how close we've become. I didn't even try to clean off this counter for y'all. Notice my little sous chef. I let her push the puree button on the blender and she thought she was cooking for real!
Here is my finished pea puree. Isn't it so pretty. It taste pretty good too.
I took a spoon and filled all of the cubes in my two trays. I reserved a little of the puree for dinner. From 14oz of peas I got 24 servings of food.
I use the Fresh Baby trays. (I'm not getting paid for this.) I like them because they come with a lid. I was only able to find them online. The best deal I found was ordering them though WalMart online and picking them up in the store to save on shipping. I got two trays with lids for eight bucks. What I love about these is that I can also use them to freeze breast milk. That way, when I make his cereal I won't have to defrost whole bags of milk. I'm crazy about my breast milk and do not like wasting it.
After the puree freezes I pop the cubes out and place them in a labeled ziploc bag. Overall, I think I really like these Fresh Baby trays. It took me some time to get one of the lids on but other than that they performed right up to where my expectations were. I'd recommend them."
Tia is a motherhood lifestyle blogger.
 She can be found chatting about being a stay at home Mom, homeschooling her (pre) pre-schooler, fashion and food at The Chic Stay at Home Mom.

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