Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bodyshaming the "Bodyshamer"?

Lately, I had a stream of opinions being brought to my attention by a few of my readers. There was a post on The Bump where a user, SomersIsles, created a post called "Most annoying pinner ever" in which she brought up the Postpartum Pressures post I had written a few weeks ago (which can be viewed HERE). She stated I was a "hypocrite" for writing this article and then posting a picture of myself with a flat belly 8 days postpartum. Usually, I do not feel the need to explain myself, but when you call me out, better know I will respond.

Let me get one thing straight. I never said in my article that we should all look like Kate Middleton and have a mummy tummy after birth-nor did I say we should all have washboard abs like the model. I was not even comparing the two ladies. This post was meant to bring attention to the fact that both of these postpartum bodies were criticized for how they looked. And I post a photo and then the SAME thing happens to me. Amazing. I was stating that no matter HOW you LOOK, your postpartum belly/body is beautiful. If I had a belly, I WOULD HAVE POSTED IT!

About my 8 day postpartum picture. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would bounce back with a flat belly THAT quickly. You, my readers, asked if I would post a postpartum picture and I gladly agreed. Did I have to? Nope. But you asked so I promised. Now, in this post on The Bump, I also see people complaining that I am "bragging." If you want to see it that way, then yes, maybe I am-just a little bit. After all, I worked very hard to eat clean and stay active throughout those ten months. I think I can be proud of myself.

I then see those who are saying that I make them feel badly about themselves.
Please know: THAT IS NOT MY GOAL! My goal here with Diary of a Fit Mommy is to lead the pack of healthy pregnancies. I am so sorry if you are on bedrest or for some reason did not feel up to working out or eating clean during your pregnancy. Do I think you are a terrible person for not doing so just because I chose to? Heck no. I am not the one judging here, yet I am constantly being judged which makes me wonder why I even post personal stuff on here at all. My mission is to help (those who want the help) mommies lead a more fit life during their pregnancies. That is why I do what I do. I LOVE helping and inspiring. My postpartum pic was meant to inspire. Never did I say, this is HOW you should look. This is just how I happened to bounce back and you can too. It was meant to ENCOURAGE. I realize not ever body is the same-hence, the Postpartum Pressures article I wrote with Kate Middleton in it. 

Now, the "most annoying pinner" comment. Sure, I pin A LOT. Its a business. I love pinning because its fun-but I also do it to attract new followers. If you do not like my pins or think I am annoying, please unfollow me. I promise, I will be okay.

On a final note:

To those who I legitimately hurt or offended by my postpartum photo-I am deeply sorry. Was not my intention! If you have a problem with me, EMAIL me. This is why I have a contact button on my page. I love opinions and I am open to each and every one. I don't understand the need to be discussed on a pregnancy birth club forum, but whatever floats your boat. 

To the rest of my loyal readers: Thank you for understanding my true intentions!

End of rant.

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