Sunday, February 2, 2014

Postpartum Pressures: Expectation VS Reality

Bouncing back after pregnancy is the most common concern that women have when it comes to getting pregnant. 

Will I ever look the same?
 Will my stomach look like this forever? 
Will I ever lose the weight? 

Pictured above on the left is model Caroline Eriksen 4 days postpartum and on the right is the Duchess Kate Middleton just 2 days postpartum. These two women are very much different, but very much alike. They both have gotten praise from coming out with their very different postpartum looks, but each have also gotten their fair share of criticism for their postpartum appearances as well.

Eriksen was bullied and called "unrealistic" and some commentators even went as far as to call her "anorexic" while Middldeton was criticized for still looking pregnant and was even called "fat." Either way, there seems to be a ton of pressure out there on what a postpartum body is supposed to look like. If a woman looks great and fit postpartum, she's called "fat-shaming" or "not a REAL woman." If a woman still has a bit of weight on her after birth, she's called "unhealthy" or "lazy."

Instead of asking: 

So if both are wrong, then what is right?

Which one is the real woman?

What dictates how a women should look like after giving birth?

We should be asking:

Why can't we all get together, be positive, and support each other and our very different postpartum bodies? 

Why must be judge?

Why can't both be healthy?

My due date is tomorrow and while I am excited to bounce back and to challenge myself to regain my pre-pregnancy body, I cannot personally say that either photo is wrong or right.

 Every body is so different.

 I think both women look great and I applaud both for their efforts!

 I only know my body and how I think I may bounce back. 
I will be brave enough to share a photo because I will be tracking my progress weekly to document my journey. 

The only postpartum expectation that I have is to learn to embrace my new mommy body, inspire other mothers-to-be to be, and to become the best mother that I can be for my newborn son.

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