Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Steps to Food Prepping

Food prepping is one of the most helpful ways that I have been able to stay on track with my clean eating. It makes life a whole lot easier during the week when there is laundry to wash, kids to feed, and work to be done. You can prep most foods & snacks that generally won't spoil within a few days. My personal favorite food prep meal to make is grilled balsamic chicken with asparagus and sweet potato mash. My favorite snacks to prep are boiled eggs, protein bars, and fruit. Over time, you will develop your "go-to" meal and what works best for you during the week.

 Here are 5 tips to help you get started on the road to food prepping for the week!

  1. Pick a meal prep day. My meal prep days are usually Sundays because of the amount of down time I have to complete it.
  2. Set aside at least 2 hours-or more. The amount of time spent food prepping is ultimately up to you. I typically spend about 3 hours prepping my meals, but I know some others who spend less or even more with their meals. It all depends on what you are making.
  3. Make a healthy grocery shopping list. This can be time consuming because this is the planning part of your meal prep. I like to jot down ideas on a piece of paper throughout the week or look on Pinterest for some ideas of what to make if I am craving something other than the usual chicken-broccoli-brown rice meal. Make sure you plan enough to last you the week-and don't forget snacks! Also, do not forget your list!
  4. Go grocery shopping! Once you have your list made, you can then proceed to the store to get your goods! Sometimes, what I purchase depends on what is on sale so I can save a buck or two. Usually, I am out within an hour with everything that I need. 
  5. Prep & cook. Once home, you can begin right away! Boil the rice, wash & chop the produce, cook the chicken, etc-whatever you have to do. Set aside. Arrange meals in the container of your choice and stash in the refrigerator for the week.

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