Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guest Blogger Micky Marie Morrison from BabyWeightTv

Getting Back into the Fitness Groove after Baby 

"Whether you were a fitness fiend or phobe during pregnancy, getting back into a fitness routine can be tough for new moms. Juggling the demands of a new baby with the responsibilities of a functional adult on little-to-no sleep is challenging enough. Finding time and energy to exercise may seem impossible. But the motivation of getting out of maternity clothes and back into blue jeans is enough to make you at least think about getting moving.

A few tips for the mom trying to get back into fitness after baby:

1. A Little While Can Make a Big Difference-  Don't think that you have to set aside a solid hour to get in a good workout or you will never do it. Take what you can get, when you can get it. If what you have time for is 5 minutes of jumping jacks and push ups before you rush into the shower during baby's very short morning nap, do it and feel proud of your effort! If you can grab a few of those 5-7 minute periods throughout the day, you will see and feel a big difference in a short time. Every little bit counts!

2. Use your Baby Weight to Lose Your Baby Weight- Add your baby's weight as resistance to your exercises.Put your baby in a front carrier and go for a brisk walk around the block or walk the stairs in your house. Hold your baby while doing squats and core exercises, doing a chest press with baby to really kick it up a notch to tone the upper body while working the legs and core. As baby's weight increases, so does the resistance to the exercises so you continue to grow stronger! And bonding with your baby makes the exercise more fun and less like a chore. 

3. Find Fit Friends- Search for meet up groups and Community groups to help you connect with other new moms in your area. Many groups organize fitness classes in local parks. Try to find baby-and-me classes to take your baby to meet other moms and babies. Or make your own class: invite a friend over for a brisk walk around the block followed by a set of squats and core exercises with your baby. 

4. Do it Daily- Even if you have time for just a few minutes a day, do something physically active every day. It helps keep your endorphin levels up to fend off the baby blues and keeps you in the habit of moving. 

Be consistent and the results will be continuous!"

Micky Marie Morrison is the owner of BabyWeightTv; online fitness classes for Moms & Moms-to-be. Visit her at

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