Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Heart

I never knew I could love someone so much.
Greyson has changed my whole entire outlook on life and everything about it. I now revolve around him. When I look at him, my heart melts and I tear up a bit. I wonder what kind of man he will grow to be, who he will pick as friends, and if he will always still be my little boy. 
His little hands will someday outgrow mine.
He will eventually tower over me for a hug. 
He will dress himself and make his own choices one day.
Ahh so much to think about. 
It's been 9 days and it feels too fast.
How can it be that I birthed him only 9 days ago?
Where in the world did this time go? I was wide and awake for most of it.
I'll never forget the first time he locked eyes with me once placed on my chest. His smell. His warmth. 
I love this little boy with all of my being. 
I thank God for my angel.

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