Friday, March 21, 2014

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Review

Hi ladies! Today I am reviewing Bellefit Maternity.

Bellefit specializes in postpartum girdles, compression tanks, pregnancy belly supports, nursing pajamas, and even shapewear! They are also a favorite among celebrities worldwide! See how Bellefit can help you.

I had the chance to test the most popular postpartum girdle, the Bellefit Corset girdle, featured above:

  • The Bellefit Postpartum Corset is Doctor recommended and Medical-Grade.
  • Provides support for pendulous abdomen after pregnancy.
  • Helps straighten the spine after nine months carrying the baby.
  • Right compression prevents enlargement of fatty cells.
  • Helps the uterus go back to its place in less time.
  • Easy access to the groin with convenient flap with hooks.
  • Stays in place and offers overall support.
  • Won’t roll down your back or ride up your buttocks.
  • Helps you perform daily duties without feeling the aftermath effects of an overweight belly.
  • Aids emotionally since you want to look nice and fit as soon as possible.
  • Highly necessary on the second or third pregnancy.
  • Great for lymphatic drainage; decreases the risks of fluid collection and helps reduce swelling.
  • Perfect to use after surgery not only for C-Section, but also Hysterectomy, Diastasis-Recti.
Side view

Frontal view

The Bellefit was way more comfortable than I had imagined, being a corset style! It held me well and I felt secure in wearing it. The corset style was a smart idea.

This fabric itself as well as the clips in the front held together very well. I wore the corset all day and even slept in it and it never came apart! I also went bowling in it! Still stuck together.

The corset style was such a great idea and proves to be effective for trimming your mid-section AND hips postpartum. I think that other girdle companies should use the corset style! It does NOT roll up like other girdles (or roll downward) and it stays in place. The corset style truly forms to the body better than any other style I have tried.

Fabric is soft and comfortable. I can absolutely wear this girdle under clothing. The fasteners show just a slight bit in tight or white clothing, but other than that, you honestly cannot tell a thing! This is a huge plus. Most girdles tend to show through.

The Bellefit girdle is actually on sale right from for $108.75! It is originally $145 so grab yours now!!

Overall. I was super impressed with Bellefit and their corset girdle. This is by far the best girdle that I have tested and I am pretty proud of it and my results.There is no reason why you should not choose Bellefit!

To learn more about Bellefit, visit their main page, Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter.

Here are some before and afters to enjoy courtesy of Bellefit!

"I believe your product truly helped tone my stomach  back  closer to it’s original  shape!"
~ Michelle S.

"I purchased the girdle with zipper the day after my son was born and by the time a got home from the hospital, my girdle was there waiting for me. I started using it as soon I got home and has been wearing it ever since. I wore it 24/7 during the first month and after that I started using it only during the day. I am very please with the results that wearing this girdle has given me! My tummy is almost flat again and it’s only been 10 weeks since I gave birth to my baby. Thank you bellefit!"
~ Annie I.

Disclosure: I was given a Bellefit girdle to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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