Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guest Blog Post from Naurally Fit Mom : 4th Trimester Bodies

Hi ladies!
Today, I have guest Melissa Shad on the blog today. She is the owner of Naturally Fit Mom-a holistic approach to mommy-hood and is here to share her feelings and thoughts on the 4th trimester. 


"I am very passionate about the term 4th trimester.   4 years ago I would have not even understood or had the capability to understand.
The theory of the 4th trimester is that your baby still requires to be cuddled and cared for similarly to how they were in the womb. 
Common concepts with the 4th trimester is mimicking the baby’s experience in the womb.
-baby wearing
-co sleeping
-baby led feeding
-white noise
-skin to skin
These are just a few.  Here is a great link on these and other 4th trimester concepts which you can reference how to safely do.

I started following an attached parenting approach even more with my 2nd baby.  And I do love it! But I’m not saying that is for everyone…As mommies we all parent in our own unique ways!

What I love is that this moment utilized the term “4th trimester” and applied it to mommies!

I learned about this project which shows the beauty of being a mother and dedicating yourself to your baby.  Mothers come in all shapes and sizes…but media appears to strongly promote a quick bounce back.  I know even myself I’m more aware of my body post baby.   Recently I have seen blogs and galleries like the 4th trimester, that bring to light all mom’s are different after having a baby.  No two alike. And it’s important we embrace our special and beautiful bodies after we were blessed to bring a life into this world.

Please share this with your mommy friends. And remind them they are beautiful and special for all they have done!

What is 4th Trimester bodies?
“dedicated to embracing the beauty inherent in the changes ..brought to our bodies by motherhood, childbirth and breastfeeding.”
It is a project proving all mom’s are beautiful!

Where can you see this beautiful gallery?
If your interested please reach out to them to support such a beautiful moment!"

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