Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cinch Postpartum Girdle Review

Hi ladies! You'll be excited about this review. Many of you have asked me questions regarding postpartum girdles and whether or not they work and how exactly they are supposed to slim you up!

Well, today I am reviewing a popular postpartum girdle called Cinch Tummy Wrap made be The Band Specialist, the #1 choice by doctors.

I've been using the Cinch for 4 weeks and getting a feel of it. Most postpartum girdles are meant to be worn for at least 8 weeks to get the full effect so I will be posting a conclusion review in another month or so after I've tested the Cinch for the appropriate amount of time.

Here are my results: 2 days postpartum vs 4 weeks postpartum:

Cinch offers a few different postpartum girdles, but the one that I had the opportunity to review was the Signature Cinch. It is ideal for new mothers immediately after natural birth or a C Section. What sets this girdle apart from most is that it has a front pocket for a warm or cold compress! Very cool and much needed after delivery. What also sets this band apart is the 360 degree even compression & 2 times the compression strength as other bands!

Upon trying on the Cinch, I noticed it really "cinched" my waist. It felt very tight and secure-not exactly comfortable but what girdles are? I was able to comfortably walk and sleep in it. Breastfeeding and sitting was more of a challenge.

I would like to add that the creator took many revisions to make the fabric on the Cinch ultimately soft and enjoyable to wear. I noticed the fabric was nothing less and clung to my skin in a soft manner. It was not itchy and scratchy like some girdles and does not leave your skin dry or chafed.

The Cinch girdle seems to hold up very well. It features a zipper that zips you in tight along with the super strong velcro.

The Cinch is very effective! After one week of wearing the Cinch, I noticed my waist was already an inch smaller. It compresses evenly around the waist, as well as the hips!

I would not suggest wearing the Cinch with a thin shirt as it tend to show through most clothing I have tried on. I have to remove the girdle to breastfeed as it gets difficult to sit with it on.

The Cinch starts around $98. It is definitely worth the money, if you do not mind splurging a bit.

To get your Cinch or to learn more about the brand, visit:

Also, be sure to check out The Band Specialist on Facebook & Twitter!

I will be posting my final conclusion to this review in 4 weeks. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: I was given a Cinch girdle to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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