Friday, March 14, 2014

Shrinkx Belly & Shrinkx Hips Review

Hi ladies!

Today, I am reviewing a brand called Shrinkx which is offered by a company called UpSpring Baby.
They offer a variety of tools to help you get that pre-pregnancy body back in tip top shape. I had the
chance to review the Shrinkx Belly and the Shrinkx Hips which both target the biggest problem areas after giving birth: our belly and hips!

The Shrinkx Belly helps to shrink your belly back to its pre-pregnancy size by reducing swelling, supporting your core muscles, and returning your uterus back to its original size. You wrap the girdle around your waist and it features velcro straps to hold it in place. No buttons or zippers! As soon as I tried it on, I felt that it immediately molded to my body. Very comfortable, but the material does roll up just a tad bit at times.

The Shrinkx Hips is a postpartum hip wrap that is best worn within the first 8 weeks of your postpartum period. The first 8 weeks are so critical because the hormone Relaxin is still present within your body! It's clinically proven that 95% of women who have tried the Shrinkx Hips have returned to their pre-pregnancy hip size-or smaller! This product can be worn with the Shrinkx Belly for ultimate results! You simply wrap the product around your hips and velcro it tightly. My hips were probably my biggest area that needed help after giving birth and this product did wonders to it! Want to know more? Read the science behind it!

The Shrinkx products are absolutely comfortable. The material in the girdle is SO SOFT. Blew me away! It features a very thin and breathable mesh fabric that wraps around the waist. Because the material was thin, it was also super flexible so it moved with me. Sitting down was comfortable as well! Surprisingly. 
The Shrinkx hips is a thicker material but was comfy as well. It felt snug, almost a good feeling!

Even though the girdle was thin, it was super stretchy, flexible, and durable.
The hip girdle was sturdy as well, though not too flexible since the material was thicker, of course.

Both products were extremely effective! My belly is flat and the belly binding helped with that, but the actual Shrinkx Hips blew me away because I had love handles post-delivery and after wearing the Hips for 5 weeks, they are almost completely gone! 

The Shrinkx Belly was not very detectable under clothing which was wonderful if you would like to wear yours out, but in some select clothing you can still see it.
The Shrinks Hips does show through clothing, at least for me, due to its thickness.

The price is very afforable compared to other postpartum girdles on the market. 
The Shrinkx Belly costs $39.99
The Shrinkx Hips costs $49.99

Also, another product I would love to mention is the Milk Screen, which can be purchased from the Shrinkx site. These are little test strips that you can dip into your breast milk after you pump that detect alcohol after you have had a drink-to make sure it has gone out of your system before you feed your baby. This product is awesome for the safety of your infant because you just never know how and when your body will metabolize the alcohol.

I tested the product out after a glass of good wine and sure enough, it picked up the slightest bit!
Amazing to own!

Overall, I was very pleased with the Shrinkx Belly & the Shrinkx Hips especially! They are wonderful products to meet your postpartum needs.

To learn more about Shrinkx and to make your purchase today, UpSpring Baby's Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest.

Disclaimer: I was given Shrinkx products to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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