Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nipple for Thought

Since becoming a mother, I have enjoyed breastfeeding my child. Not only is it one of the best things that I can do for him, I absolutely love the bond that it creates. When I see him look at me with those adorable eyes, as if he is saying "Thank you, Mommy", it almost makes me want to tear up a bit.

I thank God for the ability, the gift, to supply my child's nutrition. 

However, it truly saddens me to see that the world has such an issue with THIS. 

Breastfeeding in public is considered gross, rude, obnoxious, and inappropriate. Though seeing a woman in a bikini or half naked is absolutely fine- compared to this. 

I never gave much thought to the controversy-until I became a mother. I realized how hard & inconvenient it was to hide to go feed my baby. To have to feed him in a bathroom stall at a restaurant. Or to go sit in my car to feed him. Or have to wait until I can get someplace private in order to feed him while he is screaming in hunger. Or to have to cover myself in blankets in hopes that nobody will become offended with me. I have to go out of MY way as a mother trying to feed her child. Why should I be inconvenienced over something that offends you? 

Today, it ends. I refuse to hide this tender moment. It is beautiful. 

Anyone can post a girl in a bikini and get hundreds of likes & shares, but how many of you are willing to like or share this post?

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