Monday, March 17, 2014

Rumpkinz Cloth Diaper Review + Giveaway

Hi ladies! For today's diaper review, I am reviewing a really sweet brand called Rumpkinz. This brand is carefully made with a mother's love. No, really!

Owner & founder Jeanette Ewers created Rumpkinz after her son was born as a way to make an income while staying home to care for him. She started off small by homemaking hemp inserts for cloth diapers and then her friends actually encouraged her to use her skills to expand the line! 

Here is what Jeanette had to say: 

"So I went to town and learned diaper sewing from an old lady. She was the best sewing teacher as I had no background in sewing. It was a slow start, but business picked up after a few months. We upgraded our sewing machines, serger and embroidery machines to keep up with the demand. I started using snap pliers, then upgraded to snap press, then a year ago, we were able to purchase a snap machine (auto loading) and that became my new best friend! Snapping is a breeze!

Right now, I've sold over 3,000 diapers and still counting! It is a blessing to be staying at home with the kids and earning a little income. My husband is helping me a lot too, he is in charge of digitizing the designs and embroidery as well. It has been a wonderful success."

It truly inspires me to see a stay-at-home mommy become a self made entrepreneur. It reminds us that anyone of us can create something wonderful, we just have to believe!

OK! Now onto the Rumpkinz diapers!

So I had the lovely chance to review two diapers from the line.  
Upon receiving the diapers, I would have guessed they were made in a factory with how impressive the stitching and embroidery was. These were GREAT quality diapers. The natural material was SOFT as can be. Another great thing about the diapers is that Jeanette can embroider practically anything that you would want on them!

The first diaper was a pocket diaper from the line that features an embroidered caterpillar. 

The second diaper is an AI2 diaper that features a cute puppy dog design a snap on soaker pad-this soaker pad makes life that much more easier! I wish all of my diapers had these. I will be giving this diaper away to one of you guys!

Upon trying them on my son, I was very happy to know that he was wearing a natural material and that his bottom would be protected by the soft, non-chemicalized fabric. 

I also had the chance to test a couple other Rumpkinz products such as the Bandana Bib and washable Bamboo breast pads! 

The breast pads are to DIE for. As a woman, you know that breastfeeding can be harsh on the nipples and that disposable breast pads can be annoying. These not only save money in your wallet, they FEEL GOOD and are GOOD for you!

The Bandana Bib was adorable on my little man. My husband and I thought it was the cutest thing. I cannot wait to use it more once he starts eating solids. Right now, it is catching the spit up and drool perfectly.

Overall, Rumpkinz is my favorite cloth diaper, hands down. The material is too good to pass up!

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To learn more about Rumpkinz and to view all of her prints and what she can do, visit their main store or their Facebook page!

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