Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MAM Anti Colic Bottle Review

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Today I am reviewing MAM, a product that sells bottles, pacifiers, teethers-you name it. It is super popular and personally my favorite go to brand for all things bottle related!

I am reviewing the MAM brand's Anti Colic Bottle today, as shown below.

The bottle is adorable, to begin with, as all of their bottle lines. It is BPA free (a must!) and the cool thing about it is that it sterilizes itself in 3 minutes (whaaaa?). The nipple is shaped in a way to prevent nipple confusion between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Its base is also ventilated to reduce air being swallowed by baby-you can actually HEAR the air being released from the bottle at the bottom. The nipple also allows the milk to flow slowly so baby will not choke.

The measurement marks on the bottle really helped me keep track of how much my son was getting at a time. The bottle was also light and well shaped so that he can easily grip it as he gets older.
So far, I have been using the bottle for about 2 weeks and there has been no confusion and my son likes it pretty well. Its my and my husbands favorite bottle to use on him!

Overall, I would highly recommend MAM and this bottle to anyone! I liked it even better than my Medela.

To learn more about MAM and view their product line, visit their main site, Facebook, and Twitter!

Disclosure: I was given a MAM bottle to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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