Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Ok to Be Imperfect

Ok real talk time. 

I have lots of people who say "You're perfect-what's left to work on?"

Im going to be honest and part of me hates posting this because my lower body is my problem area but.. 

I want you guys to know that:
I'm not perfect.
I'm not superhuman.
I'm now a mommy with little time.
I have cellulite.
My butt has also gone flat.
I jiggle down there.
But most of all: I AM HUMAN

My goal is to gain muscle to rid that cellulite and build my butt and legs back once I get the clear to workout tomorrow. (YIPEE!!)

Working out & healthy eating during pregnancy has gotten me this far, but it still needs work and that's okay!!  Room for improvement is always a good thing, remember that.


It's ok to be imperfect.

Imperfections can be beautiful.
Imperfections can also give us something to strive for.
Imperfections can be motivating.

I'm here to share my journey with you all. Because I'm just like you.

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