Thursday, March 13, 2014

Newborn Schedule + FREE Download

Grey just turned 5 weeks old a couple of days ago and I have realized the great need for an actual schedule. I have successfully managed to create a bedtime routine that allows my son to almost (5-6 hours) sleep through the night, so I figured it might be time to introduce him to a familiar way of doing things.

Above is chart for newborn scheduling that is based off of the Easy method that was created by The Baby Whisperer. It's a great guideline to start with-not a MUST do. Do not worry if your newborn will not cooperate in the beginning-remember that from 0-3 months is the period in which your baby is getting used to the "4th trimester" which can be rough. But with repeated activity, he or she will learn!

E.A.S.Y. stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, and You-time. When baby wakes, feed him or her. Then play and interact with them. When they start looking sleep, its time to sleep! While they sleep, have YOU time! The chart above references times to try to make a routine-if things do not happen according to the time on the chart, do not fret! Just try your best and eventually it will come naturally.

I will start this tomorrow and will keep you all updated on how it goes!

(Courtesy of Noob Mommy)

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