Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kissaluvs Diaper Review


Hi ladies!

Today, I am reviewing Kissaluvs cloth diapers. 

Kissaluvs is a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to creating and providing excellent natural family products. Our diapers are enjoyed throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other areas far and wide. Started in a dining room with a fitted diaper for baby "Kissa," Kissaluvs products are now produced by professional seamstresses with top-notch equipment, fabrics and supplies.

I had the chance to review 4 diapers from the line on my newborn son and I would love to share them with you!

The first diaper up for review is the Kissaluvs AIO newborn diaper. This was my absolute favorite because it's, well, ALL IN ONE meaning the complete package. All kidding aside, it is super cool because there are no inserts to snap in or stuff in which makes things about a thousand times easier when it is 4am and you are half asleep trying to change your baby. If all of my cloth diapers were like these, I would totally be okay with that!

The second diaper that I had the chance to test from the line was the Kissaluvs one sized all-in-one diaper. This one is just like the above but is one sized-so it fits your baby through its growth periods from newborn to usually about 35lbs+. Pretty cool, right? The pro to this diaper is that you end up saving money since it will fit your baby throughout the time he or she needs cloth diapering. The con, however, is that it is not as nicely fitted as "fitted" diapers such as the one above. It honestly depends on the parents and what you guys are willing to do. I personally love both one sized and fitteds! 

So, the neat thing about Kissaluvs' one sized cloth diapers is that they are all in one as well, such as this one. It features an insert that actually pulls itself out in the wash! So there's no pulling out dirty inserts after the diaper is soiled. I do not know of any other cloth diapers that do that yet! When the diaper is washed and dryed, you simply just tuck the insert back in and you are ready to roll!

The third diaper I had the chance to test was the Kissaluvs Newborn One Step Cloth Diaper. This little diaper is simple as can be. It features one insert and all you gotta do is snap that baby in and the diaper is ready to go! I adored the diaper covers on these because they were colorful and so simple.

The fourth diaper I reviewed was the same diaper as the above, but a different color cover. So adorable!!! You guys have got to check out the different prints available.

I also had the chance to review one of the Kissaluvs antibacterial wetbags. A lot of parents tend to freakout about using cloth diapers while traveling or out and about. Their main concern is: POOPY DIAPERS! And what to do with them?
Here is your answer! Wetbags!
You simply store the soiled diaper inside one of these antimicrobial babies and you wont smell a thing. It also won't leak as it has a waterproof inner liner. You can use it for anything! Even wet swim trunks or swim diapers after a day at the beach.

Overall, I was very impressed with Kissaluvs diapers. With their wide selection of cloth diapering needs, I can certainly see myself living off of these brand cloth diapers alone! Also, the customer service team are so lovely to work with and are very prompt with responding to your needs!

To learn more about Kissaluvs and to view their line, visit their:

Disclosure: I was given Kissaluvs products to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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