Sunday, September 21, 2014

10 Home Gym Must Haves

Since I ditched my gym membership and built my own gym at home, I have:
  • saved money on gym memberships
  • saved money on gas
  • enjoyed the convenience
  • enjoyed the privacy
  • been able to workout as a new mommy
  • not been pressed for time or rushed
  • not worried about others hogging gym equipment
  • been more motivated to actually workout
  • been able to multitask
  • and the list goes on..
Sure, it did cost a little bit up front, here and there, but the benefits are so worth not having to go to a gym and pay for the membership fee! Over time, all of that money builds up.

Here are 10 pieces of gym equipment that I have in my home gym currently that I couldn't live without: 
1. Yoga Mat: I use my yoga mat for just about anything and everything! Sure, I use it for yoga and pilates, but I also use it for crunches, burpees, mountain climbers, and pretty much any ground exercises. I love anything from Manduka Yoga-their mats are pretty high quality!
2. Medicine BallI actually own two medicine balls-each are different weights so that I can enjoy a variety. I use medicine balls when I squat and for ab work such as with Russian Twists. It is such a versatile piece of equipment to own.
3. KettlebellI personally own two kettlebells for the same reason of owning two medicine balls-different sizes and having a variety to choose from. My personal favorite kettlebell is this adorable skull from Demon Bells! The way that the top is shaped makes it easier to get a grip. To me, a kettlebell is like a dumbbell, on steroids. You can use twice the power and twice the muscle during your workouts to burn more calories.
4. Jump RopeJump ropes are wonderful to have and do not cost much at all. They are perfect for HIIT or for a warm up to your routine. There are even fat burning exercises specifically for jump roping out there! It will get your heart pumping in no time.
5. Resistance BandsResistance bands are super affordable and easy to take with you on the go. I throw mine in my purse or pack it away in my luggage to do my resistance band training even while on vacation in my hotel room. It creates a resistance using your bodyweight during an exercise which make your muscles work harder.
6. Plyometrics BoxThese are so fun, but will definitely put your strength to the test. Used as a conditioning tool, plyo boxe workouts are super effective. Plyo boxes also increase your overall power and are great for using your whole, entire body all at once. 
7. EquilizerAn equilizer can be used for body weight strength training, but also cardiovascular workouts as well as endurance training and stretching. Did you know that you can do over 75 moves with this thing? All you need is your body and the bar!

8. Dumbbell SetA standard dumbbell set is great, in case you need it. You can do a variety of exercises with them including bicep curls, renegade row, and straddle press. Having a set will give you a large variety of weights to choose from and to allow you move up or down to meet your comfort level. You can use these to add a little extra weight to any move. However, anything undle 5lbs in a waste in my home gym. 
9. Fitness Stability Ball: I have one of these and it saved my life during pregnancy by improving my posture and body alignment. You can also use a fitness ball for crunches, to sit on while doing dumbbell curls, and so much more! Plus, they are very afforable and pretty durable.
10. Hiit Interval TimerI absolutely love this! It keeps you motivated and keeps you up to speed with your HIIT workouts-I wouldn't HIIT without one!

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