Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My NEW Cloth Diapering MUST HAVE!

Hi cloth diapering mamas! I have a couple of questions for you!

How do you spray your diapers off? Or do you spray them before washing at all? 

In the beginning, I opted out of getting a diaper sprayer because breastfed poop is water soluble and easy to get out so I just used a DIY method of buying a long shower-head and using that to spray my diapers off into the toilet. This worked wonderful... till we moved! And our stand up shower is nowhere near the toilet so this method just did not cut it anymore. PLUS, Grey has started eating some solids here and there so we needed a more powerful sprayer to spray the poop off with. 

Our solution? 
We turned to The Potty Pail for one of their top of the line diaper sprayers. The Potty Pail is a company which offers a complete diaper spraying system that includes a pre-washing bucket that actually sits onto your toilet! Pretty nifty, right? YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

The Potty Pail diaper sprayer was super easy to install and did not come with a million parts thankfully.
The sprayer features:
  • Solid Brass Plumbing Adapter 
  • Top Quality Stainless Steel Supply Line 
  • 4' Reinforced Heavy-Duty Kink-Free Hose 
  • An easy instruction sheet
  • Lifetime guarantee!
The sprayer itself retails at $44.95-that's about $25 CHEAPER than the leading brand BumGenius which costs $69.99! I would definitely say it is a great deal for a great value!

Or you can do like I did and buy the whole complete system (the pail AND sprayer) for just $78.95-that is shipping included! 

The complete system system:
  • Fits on all toilets! Includes Off-Toilet Drip Tray and lid.
  • Un-Sanitary-Over-Spray stays in the pail!!
    Sprayers can splatter toilet water and its contents all over you and your bathroom we make pre-washing easier.
    Keep the poo in the pail and not on you!
  • Near Zero Clean-up!   Poo will not stick to the inside
    of the bucket. A quick once-over with your sprayer
    and you're done.
  • No More Dunk n' Swish! Replaces the old fashioned
    back-breaking way of pre-washing soiled cloth diapers
    in the toilet. With no mess, your cloth diapers will take the express straight to the wet bag.
  • Two Hooks Inside Enables you to work more efficiently,
    diapers can also drip dry inside the bucket.
  • A 2½" Rubber Stopper on a Solid Brass Chain       Soak diapers with dried poo - or - lanolize your new diapers. (Recommended for on the toilet use only!)
  • Indoor Utility Sink Great for apartment dwellers!
    Can be used for other messy jobs like...
    • Cleaning painting tools 
    • Muddy shoes 
    • Scary refrigerator containers..!

The total time of installation took us maybe ten minutes, if that. It discretely and conveniently attaches to the side of the toilet, thanks to the adhesive clip that comes in the package. You can actually loop it around like a water hose and hang it that way, but hanging the sprayer by the nozzle was easiest for me.

Check out that force! When we turned the sprayer on, we were amazed at how strong the spray was. We tested the sprayer out on the next poopy diaper and lo & behold, it sprayed the poop off completely.

Overall, I would absolutely say that this diaper spraying worked wonders for us-without breaking an arm and a leg to put together nor breaking the bank either. It also helps keep things sanitary and clean and takes any "yuck" out of cloth diapering.

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Disclaimer: I was given a diaper sprayer to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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