Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15 Minute Babywearing Workout

Becoming a mommy has derailed my original gym routine.

Even after creating my own home gym, there are still times where I am unable to use it. I am only allowed to workout on my son's time now because, let's face it, babies don't always nap when you want them to! 

Instead of using it as an excuse and saying "Whatever, oh well, can't workout now," I have decided to incorporate my son into my workouts (when he is awake anyways).

We especially love to go on jogs in the jogging stroller or go on walks with the baby carrier. However, my favorite workout is a full body toner done inside the comfort of my own home!

For mommies who can't seem to find the time to sneak a little workout in, here is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: you get your fitness on while you bond with baby! It is tons of fun and brings to meaning to a challenging workout!

15 Minute Babywearing Workout

Warm Up: 5 Minute Walk

30 Plie Squats

25 Walking Lunges

20 Tripce Dips

20 Bicep Curls with 10 lb. Dumbbell (each arm)

Cool Down: 5 Minute Walk

Safety tips:
  • Wear your baby tightly and correctly.
  • Use a sturdy carrier. I love my Boba, as seen here, but Ergo & Tula are great, too.
  • Support the head, if needed.
  • Make sure baby's face is visible at all times and not buried into the carrier.
  • Wear baby high enough.
  • Go slowly.

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