Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Count Your Blessings!

Last night, I had a dream. A dream that was very far from the present. A dream from the past.
It was present day, but I was still married to my first husband, and had no kids, nor was I living my dream of becoming a blogger.
I was just as miserable in my dream as I was in the past and I wanted to get away. Far, far away.
My current husband and my son were nowhere to be found. It was like they never existed.
And then I got to thinking: "How did I ever make it through life without these two precious people?"

I mean, it is crazy to think that once upon a time, they didnt "exist" to me. Now, I cannot imagine my life without them. I have never been so filled with love, joy, and happiness as I am today, currently.

Sometimes, dreams can really put things into perspective and make you realize how amazing you have it. Dreams are a funny thing, you know? Always pay attention-it will reveal a lot about you, your hearts, and your desires-without realizing!

Count your blessings!

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