Thursday, September 25, 2014

3 Easy Last Minute DIY Costumes

It's a day or two before your Halloween party and you are dragging ass to find a costume. Have no fear! We have 3 quickie ideas that you can throw together yourself.

1. DIY Energizer Bunny Costume
lilbums_19 (1)

Who wouldn't want to be the Energizer Bunny?
This costume is super easy to make and all you need is basically:
  • A pink outfit.
  • Wayfarers (real or fake-whatever)
  • A big cotton ball for a tail.
  • Bunny ears.
  • Drumsticks of some sort.
  • A kids blue drum (you will have to print out & put the Energizer logo on yourself!)
  • Blue shoes
  • Pink mittens (totally optional)

2. DIY Loofah Costume

This is an absolute adorable and girly idea and I love this gal's tutorial. Plus, you can be ANY color Loofah that you wanna be! All you need for the most part? Lots & lots of tulle from your local hobby or craft shop and a white rope. Thank goodness tulle is cheap! If you can pull this off, you will be the cutest one at your party. If you have a party, he or she can be soap (or a Loofah too). Hey, just an idea!

3. The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon & Amy

THIS IS EPIC. For a couple, that is. Such an easy and cheap DIY that you can literally throw together in seconds!!
Make a visit to your local thrift shop for Amy's outfit and pick out something that you believe your grandma might wear:sweaters, turtlenecks, colored stocking, etc. Don't forget the glasses! Those are essential. Make sure you do not match well.

As for Sheldon's, you can go to a store such as FYE or shop online for one of Sheldon's signature tee's. Then, LAYER! Long sleeve shirt underneath the signature tee. Pair with khaki pants and you are good to go! even put together the look for you, as seen below!


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