Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Quick Bedtime Trick to Glowing Skin

Did you know that a simple ice cube can help to minimize open pores, refresh your skin, and make your face glow? Though it may be a tad bit uncomfortable, this widely known old beauty trick is said to contain lots of truths.


Cold therapy has been used in spas and in skin care treatments for several years and for numerous reasons, including cryotherapy (treatments using cold temperatures), to destroy fat cells (CoolSculpting), and get rid of spider veins (through Cryo 6, a new method of sclerotherapy). Skin icing is a regular practice in the skin care routine for Korean women, who are known for their detailed beauty rituals.
So, how do you do it?

Before going to bed, grab an ice cube, wrap it in a tissue and with circular motion massage it all over your face for a minute or two, giving yourself a simple facial that will not only sooth the skin but also has different benefits on your skin:
  • tightens the skin
  • freshes the face
  • minimizes pores by contriction
  • fights acne and inflammation caused by acne
  • ease wrinkles and prevents pre-mature ones
  • eases the pain from blemishes
  • improves blood circulation that helps heal blemishes
Not into skin icing? Try the ice bucket challenge!

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Caution: Applying ice cubes straight to your skin can cause delicate capillaries under your skin to break so wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and then apply them to your skin. 

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