Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Fake a Before & After Photo

"Oh, she's just poking her tummy out. Anyone can do that!"
"They are sucking in!"
"That is not the same person in the before photo!"
"This transformation is fake!"
"This is photoshopped!"

Sound familiar?

Not only are these comments uncalled for, but they can be pretty discouraging and might even hurt the feelings of the person who worked so hard to tranform themselves.

Sure, this world is filled with optical illusions, smoke, and  mirrors-especially, sadly, when it comes to fitness and dieting. I mean, come on, there are a zillion gimmicks out there :"Take this pill, it will make you drop those last 10 pounds", "Drink this shake to tone up," or even "strap this wrap to your tummy and you will lose that cellulite once and for all!" followed by an impressive before and after photo that gets your mind reeling with the possiblities of what could happen. Testimonials sell. A sexy before and after sells. It is all in the world of marketing, people. Don't be fooled.

I have had my before and after photo stolen about a million and a half times and it ended up on these stupid websites as a before and after transformation photo for a product that I never even heard of. Boy, was I pissed! I worked my ass off and had lost the weight and toned up without any type of gimmick or product out there and this is what was happening???

Ok, back to faking before & after photos. So, I decided to take it to the test and fake my own before & after photo to see just how easy it was to fool someone.

For the before photo:
  • I exaggerated my body by poking my stomach out, looking as bloated as I could.
  • I also arched my back some to look even more bloated
  • I stood in an unflattering pose.
  • I looked sad.
  • I was bare faced, no makeup.
Five minutes later, for my after photo:
  • I sucked in and tightened my ab muscles as hard as I could
  • I also changed my stance to flatter my figure and highlight my best features.
  • I changed the lighting of the room.
  • I looked happier.
  • I even added a little makeup and some self bronzer.
The verdict?
photo 4

I think I did a great job with faking my before & after photos. A really darn good job. Though I've had my heavier and unfit times, I have been lifting and eating clean for a few years now and I am in the best shape of my life-considering I gave birth only 7 months ago. But even I can fake a decent "before."

Yes, anyone can fake a before & after photo. You critics and sketpics are correct-it can be done. But instead of spending your time wondering if its real or fake, try working and improving YOU.

However, sometimes, it is truly hard to distinguish what is real and what's not. If it motivates you to get to your best weight or state of health, then, by God, use that motivation and run with it! Instead of wasting your time wondering if its real, go workout, go shop for cleaner groceries, GO MAKE A CHANGE.

Let the transformation pictures inspire you, but do not aspire to look exactly like the photo. You never know the person's lifestyle, habits, workouts, and diet. Every body is different.


In the end, who really gives a damn if it motivates you to get off of your ass at the end of the day and encourages you to make a positive change?

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